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The cost of the retreat includes your lodging (including pillows & bedding), activities and three meals a day.

Additional information to help you through the registration process:

Lodging Options:

Meadow Camping-$365.00

Space description: share a large meadow under the stars/walk to nearby shared bathroom/near main lodge. PLEASE NOTE: the meadow camping area is the least private of the lodging options and shares space with the ritual grounds, so if you like evening quiet and privacy, this is not your best option. We do usually wind down by 10pm at night, but this is not guaranteed, so if you are an early to bed person who like to retreat, camping may not be your best choice. The camping meadow has low grass, is surrounded by trees and has some shade spots available. It is located near all the main activity areas of the camp. If you choose to camp you may want to bring earplugs/sleeping mask/or other tools to ensure your comfort. You will also need to bring a tent/sleeping bag, sleeping pad or mat and whatever else you need to sleep and rest comfortably in a camping situation. You can drive pretty close to the site to drop your things off, so it is relatively easy to set up.

Shared Cabin-$450.00

Space description: share with one other person (two twin beds) walk to nearby shared bathroom.Varying distance from main lodge

Shared Cabin-$500

Space description: share with one other person (two twin beds). Share an attached bathroom with your cabin mate. Varying distance from main lodge

*All room assignments are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

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Need a Scholarship?

The Fool's Journey Retreat and Restorative tries to make the retreat accessible to low income participants, as well as to those experiencing a temporary hardship.We raise funds every year at our annual Divination Day for a limited number of partial work trade scholarships. Prior to granting a request for scholarship, we request you give us some information to help us made a decision. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE $100 OFF REGISTRATION PRICES (i.e. shared cabin w/attached bathroom would be $400 instead of $500, camping would be $265, etc.).

How to Apply For a Scholarship

Please send an email to:

We need to receive your request no later than July 1st.

Want to give a Scholarship?

Consider making a donation to the Fool Journey scholarship fund by adding 100.00 (or whatever you can afford) to your registration fee. Donations allow us to create space for all Fools by offering small scholarships to those who are less able to pay. 


Please note: Four Spring is located on acreage which has been left in its natural space. The cabins are located about a 2- to 5-minute walk away from the lodge, within tree-lined groves and above the creek,  which give Four Springs its secluded and sheltered feel. The closest cabins are the shared cabins with no bathrooms and the communal room camping.

We work to accommodate people with mobility limitations and physical needs:  magical shurpas will be on hand to carry your luggage and other belongings to the cabins.

Cancellation Policy

Your $100 deposit is non-refundable.  No exceptions ‡ Full payment required by September 1, 2017. 

  • If you cancel before September 1st we only keep the $100
  • Cancel between September 2 until the 12th, and we keep $250
  • If you cancel September 13th, or later, it's a strict NO refund policy
  • No shows are also a strict NO refund due to down payments we make in advance for food and accommodations.

Exceptions to the No Exceptions I- If we receive your deposit and have a full retreat your deposit will be returned to you.

Exceptions to the No Exceptions II- If you are requesting a scholarship and we are unable to grant your request, and you cannot come, your retreat deposit will be returned to you.