Year of the Emperor

September 16-19, 2016

Take a leap and spend four days and three nights traveling the road of the "Sacred Fool" with magic, ritual, art, restorative reflection, and sacred spa lounging. This September, A Fool’s Journey steps into the year of The Emperor, the card of structure, leadership, and power.

A Fool’s Journey is a place to step between the worlds and experience the magic and wisdom of the Tarot. The Fool, the first card of the Tarot, reminds us that any journey of spirit starts by following our intuition, opening our heart and stepping into the unknown. This year, surrounded by the natural beauty and comfortable accommodations of the Four Springs Retreat Center, we Foolishly embrace The Emperor.

With workshops, rituals and restorative lounging, come ready to play the Fool and open to the Emperor's wisdom and experience.  Those on the beginning of an earth-based spiritual path will gain experience in working with the elements of magic, the tarot, and the use of ritual. Those who have a solid magical/spiritual practice will find delight and depth in a variety of workshops geared towards taking us out of the boxes of "spiritual tradition" and returning us to the soul of our practice.

A Fool's Journey is put on by a group of teachers, priestesses, and facilitators dedicated to an earth-based spiritual path. We include priestesses who are initiates of Reclaiming, Feri, and British Traditional Wicca traditions. With more than two to three decades behind us in following earth based spiritual paths, we come together in common intent of exploring how solid spiritual and magical practices can be built in the context of The Fool’s Journey. 

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