The Fool's Journey: Year of the LOVERS

                                             September 21-24, 2018             

  ,        the Lovers from the  Samiramay Tarot  by   Vera Petruk Samiramay


the Lovers from the Samiramay Tarot by Vera Petruk Samiramay


WE ARE FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a leap with us! The Fool, the first card of the Tarot, reminds us that any journey of spirit starts by following our intuition, opening our heart and stepping into the unknown. A Fool’s Journey is a restorative retreat experience where we step between the worlds and fall into the magic, mystery and wisdom of the Tarot. Do you feel called?

This year, surrounded by the natural beauty and comfortable accommodations of the Four Springs Retreat Center, we meet the number 6 card of the Tarot: the LOVERS. The LOVERS invites us to open our hearts and choose how we will love. The LOVERS shows us how we relate to each other, finding ourselves in the mirror of our beloved. But the LOVERS can also be co-dependent, obsessive and sticky.  As Fools on our journey thru the Major Arcana ( the archetypal tarot symbols), we will meet the LOVERS and explore how we move through the world in relationship.

Come with us on our journey as we continue traveling the enchanting road of the tarot, learning through symbols about life's greatest mysteries.

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