1.      A towel.

2.      Items for the pool: a bathing suit (this is certainly not required!), a parasol, a floppy hat, your most glamorous caftan— whatever you might need to make your sacred swimming and lounging sessions complete.  Flip flops for shower and if you are a hiker, bring the hiking gear you love.

 3.  Water Bottle

4.   Personal toiletries, especially sun block and bug repellent.

5.      A flashlight or head lamp. The camp is dark at night and in a rural area.

6.      Ritual garb which evokes the themes of the Lover for the evening rituals. Bring what you’ve got!

7.      Art supplies! Whether or not you want to spend time in the art house,  consider donating supplies! . Jewels, sparkly things, glitter, dried or artificial flowers, paint, paint brushes, and old calendars, stickers, and interesting prints— all can be used! This year we will be making holy candles... candles with our beloved dead and/or allies, goddesses, deities, elements that we want to have with us on our journey. So, bring copies of photos or images you want to work with. Art projects are all optional... so if you want to do something else, decorate a journal or create a magic box, go right ahead!!

8.      Altars are created around the grounds. Bring anything that calls you— scarfs, statues, photographs—to help create them. There will be altars to all we want to bring in and work with. Love, love and more love. Relationships, choices, partnership. Bring what calls to you.

9.      We have a divination tea party where we share different tarot decks and also teas, sweets and savories. If you have a special tea cup, bring it.

10.      Snacks! Our lovely caterers will be preparing 3 meals a day, but bring whatever else you want to snack on, or share at the tea party. 

11.     As always, there will be a funk trunk. Bring gently used, but still wearable clothing you wish to donate (please make sure the clothing is not ripped or stained)  books or any gently used magical paraphernalia. And bring cash! There’s always something wonderful in the Funk trunk and the money goes towards scholarships for Fool's Journey the following year.

12.     Workshop offerings!! Is there something you have been wanting to teach or share? Invoke the Fool, take a leap, and offer whatever you want!! The more we share, the more fun we have. Some of the best workshops have happened spontaneously by the pool, so be prepared! Even if you don’t think you will be offering a workshop, you just may find yourself doing so!

13.     It is always a good idea to bring a journal. (And you can collage it at the Art House!)


14. Bring any writings or quotes that speak to you about the Lovers, relationships, choices, partnership, mirrors and romance. We like to put these up around camp. 


15. An alarm clock


16. Musical instruments

16.     If you think you might want an astrology reading with Fern, or just to be more prepared if you want to talk astrology, bring a copy of your astrological natal chart (available free on astro.com). You can email fern at hi@wisestarsapothecary.com with any questions.

17.     And last, but not least, a sense of humor. This IS the Fool’s Journey!!