Because this is a restorative we want you to know that it's up to you how much you do, or do not do, as you enjoy this special place.  We encourage you to listen to yourself so you come away rejuvenated. This year's offerings will work with the energies of the Lovers.

Deborah Oak

SPA MAGIC - around the pool we will restore with seaweed wraps and a variety of facial masks and toners created from nature's bounty. 

ART HOUSE - This year the special project in the art house will be creating heart spells. If that does not compel you, make a collage, paint, or use a glue gun to create a headdress or whatever your muse encourages. 

EROS AND THE HEARTH GODS - With Koen and Lucy. Three therapists open a discussion on desire, sex and long term relationships. What makes for happiness in long term relationships? Can Eros thrive or at least make visits to a happy domesticity? We have combined well close to 100 years of working with couples as a therapists and of course plenty of life experience just as humans. Let’s talk!!


VENUS!!  Most of us know Venus as the goddess of love, pleasure and beauty. As an astrological archetype, Venus in the chart shows what we value, how we give and receive pleasure and our style of loving. Venus represents our experience of ease and relaxation, she gives clues as to what we might choose to feel happy and what we need to feel romantically fulfilled. She is the planetary expression of our human experience of love and connection. In traditional astrology Neptune, (aka Poseidon, the god of the ocean) is known as the "higher octave" of Venus and represents our love for spirit and our connection to the divine. In this year's Year of the Lover's astrology workshop we will be taking a look at the sign and house placement of Venus and Neptune, gathering clues to inform our experience of love, both human and divine.


RELATIONSHIPS WITH POWERS GREATER THAN YOURSELF.  In this workshop we will do a brief exploration of what deity may be calling to you, we will discuss making agreements with deity and what informed consent entails. How does the deities you work with impact your life? 


Along with Fern: WHAT'S IDEALIZATION HAVE TO DO WITH LOVE?    Do you idealize people?  Or spend more time in crush than in relationship?  How has this served you?  Let's talk about our crushes and ideals and if they have anything to teach us!

LETTING GO OF ELEANOR RIGBY In our culture single people  are assumed to be lonely and sad. Let's celebrate the many ways we have  love in our lives and explore the challenges and benefits of being single. 


Naomi Epel

Naomi, author of "Writers Dreaming" is the dream priestess of  our journey. She will be available each morning for dreamwork to process the dreams of the weekend and just maybe we can talk her into another workshop on the alphabet. 


Lyra Hill

"Toughen Up, Lovers: Moving with Compassionate Authority in Non-Hierarchical Environments"


Wesley Haire

  1. "Midnight, Faerie Love Spell, Moon Hike" on Saturday or Sunday night.

  2. Appropriated by Christians, “God’s Eyes” or “Ojos de Dios” (the Huichol called them “Sikuli”) were originally made by the Huichol, an Indigenous People of Mexico.  The Eye’s center was said to represent the Power of Sight and was a Portal between the Spirit & Mortal World.  The Eyes are Ritual Tools that offer a seeing & understanding of things normally not seen.  The 4 points of the sticks of the Eyes represent the 4 Sacred Elements of Air/Fire/Water/Earth.  God’s Eyes are also seen as a direct link to the Gods & a vehicle for communicating with Them & asking for Help/Protection. Offering Our Sincere Thanks to the Huichol People for this Beautiful and Potent Ritual Craft, we will weave the eyes and open up to relationship with the unseen world.


Patti Martin

An Attitude of Gratitude, It's Not Just a Platitude.  Meditation on gratitude and creativity.