Because this is a restorative we want you to know that it's up to you how much you do, or do not do, as you enjoy this special place.  We encourage you to listen to yourself so you come away rejuvenated. This year's offerings will work with the energies of the Hierophant.

Deborah Oak

What is the rule of 3? Why do we make sacred space? Is it actually possible to harm none, if we do what we will? Is Elvis seriously a God? Why does Oak hate binding?  After 40 years of practicing Witchcraft, Oak will lead us in asking questions and opening up to our own answers.


Dillon will be offering her annual Great Big Fabulous Philosophical Salon by the Pool. She will lead us in musing over the movement between rational and nonrational space and who knows where this will lead. It’s a mystery.


How do you connect to your own spiritual authority? Where do you find or seek spiritual connection and wisdom? In this astrologically themed offering, Fern will lead you through a Hierophant inspired journey through your chart to discover how you connect to your inner voice of truth. We'll be looking at the planets Jupiter (wisdom) and Neptune (spirituality) and their signs and houses for clues.


Working in magical circles can be rewarding and also painful. What does it mean and require to be in a circle or coven of Witches? What is the difference between the two? What makes a successful coven? Medusa will facilitate this discussion and will be collecting a panel of coven experts.


While planning this year’s retreat Robin realized she’s been in the seat of the Hierophant for 3 plus years. She’s tired. She will be sharing how to restore after teaching, being in leadership, and holding power and sharing it without becoming a grand poobah,   Self care, self rejuvenation, and saying no will be explored.

Offerings by Some of our Fabulous Attendees

Janet Selkowitz and Allison Miller

Rock and Roll Tarot!!!!!! Who is the King of Rock and Roll? Who is the High Priestess! Come discuss and make cards… help create a deck with our musical archetypes. 

 Naomi Epel

Naomi will be offering the Dream Temple for the Sixth year in a row. This has been highly received every year she has offered it.Naomi is the author of – The Observation Deck (back in publication!) and Writers DreamingCheck them out on her website -




Violetta has 3 offerings this year. Last year her Magic and Fashion offering was a big hit. We learned many things. This year she is offering the following:

Mermaid Crowns/Tiaras – Violetta will be leading a Mermaid Crown/Tiara making workshop in the art cabin. This is a great way to repurpose jewelry, headbands, and other shiny and shimmery objects. Bring shells, sand dollars, pearls… for your crown. 


Elvis & Mermaid Baptism – Violetta felt that The Fool’s Journey retreat just would not be complete without an Elvis/Mermaid Baptism.  What is an Elvis/Mermaid Baptism you ask? An Elvis/Mermaid Baptism is one of the magical mysteries and wonders of the world. Wear your Mermaid Crown for this ritaul if you like. You may want to wear a swim suit or clothing you do not mind getting wet. Who knows what could happen when Elvis baptizes the mermaids! Please meet at the pool area.


A Fool For Fashion; Fashion Workshop Part II – Last year we discussed the importance of fashion in our lives. Fashion allows us to present our best selves to the world. This workshop will explore some of the questions and points we talked about last year with time to journal and meditate. Bring a journal and sense of humor. Please meet by the pool in the lounge area.