We value transparency, and in the first years put on the website a full accounting. This was due to Panthera. When she moved, accounting was not any of our forte so our accounting has not been transparent, even to ourselves. This year, we welcome Alex Kruse and beginning with the year of the Chariot, we will move forward with open and tidy books for you to see. Rent of the space and the catering both are close o 5K so with our rough accounting, it’s cost about 11K to put on the retreat. Divination Day and the funk trunk help with covering some of the cost of the scholarships, but not all. 


Part of the planning of this year is beginning to vision how we will go forward, bringing new people on to help, allowing those who’ve done it to take sabbaticals, and all around making this something sustainable for the long haul of the journey. 


We want to make Fool’s affordable and sustainable. Our website does not allow for a sliding scale, but we ask you to consider seeing it that way. Three night workshops around the Bay Area comparable to ours run upwards from $600 to over a $1000. If you are someone who would not blink twice at paying more, please do!!!  Make a donation in the scholarship section of the registration and this may allow us to cover all the scholarship costs as well as offering more. 


Thank you!