Because this is a restorative we want you to know that it's up to you how much you do, or do not do. We encourage you to listen to yourself so you come away rejuvenated. This year's offerings will work with the energies of the CHARIOT, which in itself holds the paradox of both going forward and standing still.

We encourage all participants to consider doing an offering, something you want to share or teach. This year we will spend Saturday morning with NO offerings except a grounding in restoration and invitation to spa magic and/or art in the art house. Spend the morning around the pool, reading in the library, hiking to the standing stones, or playing the fool in the art house.

Over the weekend we will be offering a workshop on elements of magic - a look at why we do what we do. There will be aspecting - which is a opening to divine energy - during the weekend and so we will be doing a workshop on what this entails and how to do it safely. Fern will be offering a workshop on rising signs and how this relates to the Chariot. And after the nights ritual Bread will be offering bedtime stories!

As always, we also will be doing a divination tea party which expands our knowledge of the tarot and give us an opportunity to share the decks and methods of divination that inspire us.

In the art house there will plenty of materials to do with what you will. There also will be creating chariots out of big moving boxes, all the materials you need to participate in a Wave Goodbye To the Patriarchy spell and Robin will be doing an offering on mask making.