Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Come to this Retreat?

Those who feel called!! If you are new to earth-based spirituality and magic, come with the open mind and heart of the Fool to learn the elements of magic, spell work and ritual. If you have been practicing for years, come and reconnect to the wisdom of the Fool in a gorgeous and restorative setting. If you want to simply rest and reflect around the swimming pool or make art in the art house, you are welcome to come and do that. A big part of the magic of this event is in who shows up. If you are called, you are part of the magic.

Who is putting it on?

We are a group of teachers and practitioners of earth-based spirituality and magic. The majority of us have been involved with a feminist spirituality tradition called Reclaiming which started in the early 1980's. We have taught classes in the Bay Area for many years on a variety of spiritual and magical topics. Many of us have also taught nationally, and internationally, at Reclaiming "witchcamps"; week-long intensives teaching earth-based spirituality, magic and ritual.

Besides being involved in Reclaiming, we also include priestesses of the Feri and Gardnerian traditions and those whose spiritual practices are informed and enhanced by Buddhism, Hinduism, and other traditions.

We work collectively by consensus process and are committed to structural and financial transparency, believing that openness about whom and what we are is part of the magic of creating a culture of beauty, balance, and delight.

How did it come to be?

After years of teaching spiritual intensives, we became curious about what it would be like to teach magic with the intent of deepening our practice within the spirit of restoration. Finding Four Springs, with its library, art house, meditation room, meadow, woodlands, and swimming pool, we knew we had found a place where restoration and reflection could occur. A magical intent we have is for participants to take that spirit back out into a world that desperately needs less human intensity and more restoration, reflection and balance.

What can I expect?

Dropping expectations is part of being a Fool. We know there will be plenty of offerings to delight in a setting alive with magic. There will be ritual, spell making, art, and relaxation. There will be good food, woods to hike in, and sacred lounging around a big pool.

Fool's Journey is an intimate magical retreat, with limited space. We set out to provide a sacred spa setting for our exploration of the tarot, and there is no better place for that than our beloved Four Springs

Four Springs was created by four Jungian women many decades ago, and you can feel the magic as soon as your arrive. Sense and connect with nature spirits in the meadows, springs, woods, and hills. Swim in the pool, hike in oak and pine forests, relax into a seaweed wrap and chocolate rose face mask, delve into the many books on mythology in the library, take time for reflection in the meditation room, and/or use the plethora of materials in the art room to create things of beauty... Fools Journey at Four Springs is rich in offerings.  


Sex, Drugs and ....... ?

We believe that we are our own spiritual authority and as such, we make our own decisions about what we do with our bodies.

Being in magical space can open up our creative selves and bring us into the beauty of our senses.  Magic by it’s nature guides us to not tamp down our sexuality, but to get in touch with it. 

Magic itself is consciousness changing and being at a magical retreat can resemble being on drugs.  Add actual drugs and alcohol along with the magic, and boundaries can loosen, not always for the better.

We have the challenge of creating a space and community that is welcoming and respectful to those in recovery from addiction, alcoholic relationships and sexual and physical trauma while also exploring what it means to be our own authority, our authentic selves, and experience ourselves as the sexy, divine beings we are.  

As the Wiccan rede advises, "Do what you will, but harm none." Whatever you do, be respectful to others, to yourself, and to the magic we are creating. We are not asking participants to be drug and alcohol free (except in ritual)  or to not run sexual energy. We are asking you to be conscious and mindful. As organizers, we are trying to create a spiritual restorative, not drunken revelry (not that there’s anything wrong with that in the right circumstances!).

Please do not bring drugs or alcohol to the rituals or come intoxicated. Joining our energy together becomesmuddled when people are altering themselves other than by the magic. If we feel there is use or behavior that interferes with the magic we are doing, we will be addressing it.

As organizers we have all been in situations which were said to be drug and alcohol free but weren’t and where the power differential between teacher and student were both ignored and used. As Fool’s, we strive to be open, honest, and transparent and recognize this will all be an ongoing conversation. 

How do I register?

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